Educating and empowering nurses to make healthcare fully accessible to people with disabilities
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Disability and Healthcare

There is unique set of knowledge and skills healthcare providers need to provide high quality care for individuals with disabilities. The purpose of this first module is to introduce the site and its goals. Additionally, the concepts of disability, models of disability, and the healthcare providers role in caring for people with disabilities are addressed.


Advocacy is a professional obligation for healthcare providers. In this module, a case study using the “From Wrongs to Rights” Digital Archive is used to learn more about the importance of the advocacy efforts that fought for dignified and humane treatment for children and adults with disabilities.


Healthcare providers have a professional obligation to ensure that healthcare is fully accessible to people with disabilities. This module introduces the concept of accessibility, and what that means in the healthcare context. The reality is that accessibility is the primary challenge when it come to this care—and this refers to a very broad definition of “accessibility” that includes much more than physical space.

“What does it mean

to truly make health care accessible? It’s so much more than space—it’s about creating an inclusive environment, where providers offer the full spectrum of care to all, while respecting the autonomy and expertise of the people we seek to serve.”